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About the League

It was originally called Baton but was changed to comBATON shortly after the patent was issued in 1998. The name was derived by combining the words combat and baton due to common letters. It is a game of combat with the baton as the focal point.

The first practice was staged on November 20th, 2004 in Lake Mary, Florida. The inventor and patent holder, Steve Blanton, had been looking high and low to find someone to help develop the game but could find no one with enough imagination to see the potential. It took approximately ten years before someone was found that would help in the endeavor.

David Turnbull, who is the president of the A.A.U. Tae Kwon Do Association for the state of Florida and operator of two schools in the Lake Mary area, was approached by Steve. "It was like striking a vein of gold", as it was described by the patent owner. David had an unusually large lot of young black belts, some with 2nd and 3rd degrees, that were willing to play the game and help develop it.

There were 10 or 11 players that showed up for that first practice. Only a few basic rules were discussed before the players took to the field. David was also a player as well as taking over the coaching chores while Steve officiated. "It was amazing to see how instinctive the players interacted in a team concept," Steve later said. "They took to it naturally."

From that day forward David has been a prominent force in the development of the sport. More practices were scheduled at the Lake Mary soccer field and more players became involved. Another team formed in Spring Hill, Florida under the supervision of Brian Schneider, an owner and operator of a school there known as TaeKwonDo America. Paul and Ginger Allen got involved with their school at the RDV sports complex in Maitland, Florida. Wendi Turnbull, David's wife, helps manage the Lake Mary team. Parents from both teams have been instrumental in helping the sport along.

It is the intention of the league to become an international sport with a world playoff system. It is also the league's intension to convey the spirit of the marital arts and bring the martial arts community under one roof. To be an example for the world to follow on and off the field. That is, to respect others, to respect their property, to be courteous, and when off the field to fight only to defend. To develop moral and ethical conduct among the youth in every community around the world with discipline and honor. Something that our world greatly lacks today

That's a noble goal indeed. So far there are only two teams: “The Samurai of” Lake Mary and The Ninja of Spring Hill but with the popularity of like the MMAs, and guys hitting each for sport, the skies the limit

About the game
omBATON has some similarities to football but instead of blocking and tackling, players contact their opponent(s) with martial art kicks. Two teams play on a field approximately the size of an Arena Football field, there are 6 players on each team. A baton is used as the focus of the game as would a football, soccer ball or basketball would be for their games. The offense has control of the baton. The offensive player with possession of the baton can score on their opponent's goal pole by dislodging it with a martial art kick. Around the goal the strategy has similarities to basketball in that the baton can be thrown to teammates in order to find the open player in position to shoot on the goal and score. Take-downs and grappling are permitted on each end of the field in an area known as the strike zone
“its kinda like cricket, lacrosse, football and martial arts exhibitions all wrapped up into one.
the points system is this: 3 points for any standing kick, 4 points for any jumping kick up to 180 degrees and 5 points for any 360 degree spinning kick. The only way to stop the guy with a baton, and thus the advance to the goal, is to kick him off his feet or just so hard an official stops the action for a reset
if opposing teams possess the baton at the same time, they have a "Fight Off" which means the two guys get taken to a circle to battle it out over who gets the right to hold the baton.”

(here are more videos that perhaps explain the game better )

Kung Fu Football- now that’s catchy

and here are the rules

I found out about it from this website (I don’t like saying or writing its name-it’s disgusting)

Well, I guess it's not as bad as using the severed head of an enemy as a ball...

P.S. I wonder if they watch this speech to pump them up beforehand

Rugby guys are hot

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Did you know that there's a Tournament of Games in Longwood, next Saturday, February 23rd, 2008? The commercial was updated but is still in processing with youtube. (

Combaton Forum said...

Hey, I just ran into this. Actually there are 5 teams now. I guess the website needs to be updated. How did you get that info anyway?