Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Americans, Gladiating

So while watching American Gladiators (meh-I miss writers) I finally remembered something that I was missing and something that I loved from the original show

Atlasphere! In case you don’t remember what it was a wiki-description

“Atlasphere pitted the contenders against two Gladiators for 60 seconds, all rolling around the entire arena floor in metal cage-like spheres. The object of the event was to avoid the Gladiators while trying to roll the sphere into one of four scoring pods spaced out across the arena floor. Originally, the contender had to settle in the scoring pods for one second to score. After its first season, a black sensor was placed in the center of the pod, with the contender only having to roll over it to score. Once done, the sensor would compress and emit smoke and lights to indicate the score.

Originally, the contenders and Gladiators all began the event on the arena floor, but in later seasons, all four began the event on elevated ramps at the four corners of the arena.

1,2, or 3 points were awarded for each score."
Why can't they bring it back to the Revival?

Now that’s a timeless event. And I mean I think Pyro used an atlasphere as a form of transport on The Simpsons
(and looking at this wikipedia article I totally remembered that Skytrack was the sh*t…or at least I think I’m thinking of the American Gladiator version)

The contenders and a Gladiator raced each other on an inverted, Velcro-covered track. Using their hands and feet (each covered in Velcro to assist in moving), they would move down the track to the opposite end, hit an actuator button, and go back to the start line to finish the race.

First place was awarded 10 points, second place 5 points. If the Gladiator came in first or second place, only one contender would earn points in accordance with his or her finish.

I guess I didn't realize at the time how much that looks like some toy car track

Here’s the Season 3 Grand Championship Eliminator (oooh-sounds ultimate and important)

And because I don’t know moderation here’s a clip that features Ellen trying out for American Gladiators from her old sitcom (I think I remember that Joely Fisher was my favorite.)

P.s. Does the new eliminator still have the zip line? Because that’s most what I remember from when I was young and that I really wanted to do it and in its current incarnation I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t pay that close attention to notice

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