Friday, January 25, 2008

Dana & Hugo Would Throw One Helluva Party

I’ve always enjoyed Dana Jacobson of ESPN, she seemed knowledgeable but didn’t take it too seriously and wasn’t obsessed with coming up with no sensical catch phrases (plus I hold all the women at ESPN in a special esteem) and so when I heard that she got a wee bit drunk at some roast I was bemused. When I heard she told off Notre Dame I was intrigued and so I eagerly waited for footage. Well, some pictures have finally been released and I must say “thatta girl”

Jacobson reportedly said "F*** Notre Dame," "F*** Touchdown Jesus," and "F*** Jesus" in an attempt to talk trash to Mike and Mike co-host Mike Golic, a former Notre Dame football player

Who doesn’t chug a bottle of vodka and then start blaspheming? Is that all?
I mean I say that stuff all the time, drunk or sober. I fucking hate Notre Dame. (And I think she’s a Michigan alum, so of course she hates Notre Dame as well. I see no problem. Seriously, fuck Notre Dame.
But finally seeing the photos I found yet another reason why I think she would be so so cool to hang out with; girl can throw down.

Speaking of people who’d be cool to hang out with
Venezuela's controversial President Hugo Chávez has revealed that he regularly consumes coca -- the source of cocaine”
''I chew coca every day in the morning . . . and look how I am,'' he is seen saying on a video of the speech, as he shows his biceps to the audience
Chávez, who does not drink alcohol, added that just as Fidel Castro ''sends me Coppelia ice cream and a lot of other things that regularly reach me from Havana,'' Bolivian President Evo Morales ``sends me coca paste . . . I recommend it to you.''

It was not clear what Chávez meant. Indigenous Bolivians and Peruvians can legally chew coca leaves as a mild stimulant and to kill hunger. But coca paste is a semi-refined product -- between leaves and cocaine -- considered highly addictive and often smoked as basuco or pitillo

Although coca leaves have nutritional and medical characteristics, ''the principal component is an alkaloid, cocaine,'' that can be ''harmful'' if it's made part of a daily diet, Nancy Siles, a biochemist with the Bolivian College of Biochemistry and Pharmacy, wrote in a a recent report

Pssh, whatever. You gotta care diem that shit, you only live once…unless you’re a Hindu of course

Thank you that's all, goodnight (someone escort me off stage before I make a bigger spectacle of myself)

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