Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sexman Takes My Breath Away

Like literally he makes me laugh so hard I can’t breath
he has a new video today and I'm obsessed and can't go a day without

The first instance of genius: misspelling commit as, in the title screen “comit” and on the actual page comite

2nd: his description of the film “a video about bad things”
3rd- that he has a stuffed pet lion and he calls it his best friend (which I think isn’t that far from the truth)
4th: the movement and running down the ratchets up the tension
5th the lighting, or lack thereof gives a sinister and morbid vibe to the proceedings
6th: calling out “all those Emos” which is always appreciated (p.s. I remember when, “back in my day” those depressed kids were just called like teenagers or maybe goth- I blame dashboard
7th the fact that this kid- with his avoidance and condemnation of internet porn and that "God Bless" at the end is either incredibly ironic and subtly brilliant, or he’s actually religious and going to grow up and be a Republican and probably go to war
and finally, this isn't necessarily an instance of genius but of admiration, that this kid is inside making these videos instead of like, doing the whole outside thing.

Oh Sexman;live forever

That kid is totally my favorite internet celebrity this week

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