Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Only One Person Can Get Me Out Of This Funk


Sexman on why he hates Jerry Seinfeld*

Two things: Toy Story was a good movie
And I too would like to see elephants try to lift a plane

*not to be confused with why Ron Rosenbaum hates Jerry Seinfeld

I blame Seinfeld and the so-called "sweater comics" he inspired for killing it off with their smirking frat-boy blandness. Their idiot "observational humor" made a religion out of self-congratulation. Most of the Seinfeld show's humor was about making fun of anyone who was in any way "different"—immigrants, people with any kind of accent, any kind of idiosyncrasy, any kind of deviation from the Charles Darnay mold.

You could argue that a nation's character is defined at least in part by its sense of humor, and Jerry gave us the sense of humor of self-satisfaction. Anything that didn't fit the suburban Massapequa mindset was something to be held up for piddling laughs. He was so deeply in love, so deeply satisfied by his own trivial quirks that those who didn't share them were alien subjects of ridicule.

Sexman says “Screw You Porn Addicts”

When you’re that age aren’t you supposed to like worship and crave porn? Who is this kid? (and I love how he’s telling people to “stop jacking it" and go out and get laid)

Oh Sexman, thank you for taking time out of your day. If you didn't exist someone would have to create you.
And the writers are still on strike.

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