Thursday, January 31, 2008

There goes the straight male vote

It seems like Barack Obama is either afraid of strippers, or doesn’t support women who feel the need to earn money that women in order to, let’s be clichéd, pay their way through college, or believes that women don’t have the right to choose how they use their body , instead taking it upon himself to decide what is appropriate and/or degrading. Barack Obama- Anti Education. Anti Feminist. Anti-Freedom.

(or at least the way I spin this article)

From the BBC

Some years before Barack Obama began his run for the White House he found himself on a pub crawl in England helping give a traditional British send-off to a nervous bridegroom.

Then in his 30s, Mr Obama found himself witnessing the British ritual of the pre-wedding humiliation of the bridegroom. Ian and his friends had just moved to a pub called The Rose, when the predictable happened.

"When we got there we had a couple of drinks. Then there was a bit of a commotion and they sort of directed me into a back room with one exit," recalls Ian.

"Lo and behold, a strippergram turned up. She was a St Trinian's school girl."

"As she started I saw that he [Obama] was making an exit. He obviously saw my embarrassment because I was marrying his sister."

Soon afterwards [Obama] decided it was time to return to his hotel room.

Unless he went back to his hotel room to do lines of coke, which is always a possibility, that kind of story, about running away from a stripper can’t sit too well with straight guys.
I mean aren’t Presidents supposed to spirit away strippers and mistresses to that secret room off of the oval office? I don't trust one who wouldn't; seems too...Republican (see: Reagan, Ronald; Bush, George Walker)

This almost makes me want to start a rumor that Barack Obama is gay and just see if that spreads. I mean even gay guys can have kids and Michelle is a little mannish (not a fan) so that’s no straight proof
Plus this guy seems like the farthest thing from a liar

I mean he’s never come out and said he’s not gay (and it is obviously his responsibility to refute any allegations or lies that people like me put out onto the internets)

Keep it on the down low, Barack

Hmm, maybe that's why Barack supports ministers who support "reparative therapy"- he's obviously self hating.

p.s. that picture, which was attached to the original article makes me want to vomit

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