Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Have To Do This Before I Forget Again

Before project runway tonight I want to do something quick and inconsequential that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile because I like people to know where I stand. (answer: slightly askew)

Designers I like:

  • Sweet Pea seems like she is a really sweet and genuine person
  • I like Jillian because she seems like she is a rather normal person (and her model Lauren seems super nice and down to earth as well. I remember when she helped Jillian sew and also put on Twizzlers for Jillian’s Twizzler dress)
  • And I like Chris because he’s cuddly and reminds me of a few queens I know

Designers I liked but that got voted off
I always liked Eliza just because she was kooky and different and so herself
At the beginning I really thought Kevin would be at Bryant Park but that prom dress was really cheap
Kit, I was rather indifferent too but Ricky should’ve gone home instead of her
Victorya seems like an awful bitch

Designers I don’t like (and that I hope are voted off soon)
  • Christian is just so fucking annoying and bratty and all “I’m the best, I’m fierce”
  • At first and for a few weeks I really liked and thought Rami, would make it to Bryant Park but he was a total asshole while working with Sweet Pea on their project (and I have to back my girl)
  • Ricky cries all the damn time! At least three times an episode. It’s seriously like “you need to go and get your meds adjusted” because I feel a slight breeze would set him off

And everyone else I don’t remember

Ok I feel better now...until one of the designers I like is of course voted off tonight. Makes me want to auf somebody's Wiedersehen
(ps what does "auf wiedersehen even mean?!)
I'm grumpy-must find chocolate

{UPDATE: I totall forgot that Victorya got voted off last week- my hate has been changed accordingly}

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