Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tom Brady Turns Straight Guys Gay

and into mush
I mean I think he is absolutely gorgeous but of course I’m floating in estrogen but it always really amuses me to hear striahgt boys fawning over how beautiful he is and joking about sex (of course these are the same guys who think like Eli Manning has a gay name, Elisha)
Anyway here are a few video offerings (and this whole post was inspired by the pretty brilliant Dave Hoke Man Crush video)

Tom Brady:Superstar

What sucks is my lust for his “ness” is tempered and restrained by the fact I absolutely despise his team.
But anyway as I said before he turns straight guys into absolute mush and inspires them to make sappy videos such as

and also inspires comments like this

mikew Says:
September 7th, 2007 at 11:16 am

tom brady is one of the main reasons i give a damn about football. i hate to act so teenage girly, but … what a beautiful man.

I'm assuming mikew is straight but once again you never can tell in such circumstance. Never has the spectrum of sexuality been so evident then when football fans express their "feelings."

Ah sports bringing men together since Ancient Greece

p.s. the whole “I’m not gay but…phenomenon is hilarious. "I'm not gay but...I was drunk and it kinda just happened. You can't tell anyone"
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