Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still "Coping"

Dreams die hard.

But I was thinking about it, trying to be positive and not look back in anger and,...Well at least because of John important issues are actually being discussed in this campaign, even if they are often times obscured by the bickering, the “idea of history” and identity politics.

I just wish I knew who to vote for on Tuesday. I would say I’m supporting Hillary but everything I touch seems to turn to mud.

And have you ever thought that somehow you’re powerful and that you can effect and influence things that you know you can’t? because somehow I feel really guilty for a moment of disbelief last night, maybe while I was sleeping but I was actually thinking about when I should on facebook become a supporter of Hillary and I was thinking about doing it after California but remembered that California was on the same date as so many other primaries and at the last moment, in my thoughts I unknowingly betrayed John.

Sigh, sigh

"John Edwards' bold ideas have shaped the debate in this election. Whether it’s creating universal health care or halting global warming, ending poverty or ending the war in Iraq and restoring America’s moral leadership around the world, John has led with the boldest and most comprehensive plans for overcoming the challenges we face today.

John is the one candidate willing to speak the truth about what’s going on in Washington: big corporations and special interests have taken over our government and taken the power away from the American people. And he knows there’s only one way to get it back: to stand up, take them on, and beat them.

John is ready for this fight – because fighting special interests on behalf of regular, hard-working Americans is what he’s been doing his entire life.
In America, everyone should have a fair opportunity to realize their dreams, no matter where they came from. John Edwards is running for president to build One America where every American can work hard and build a better life, the same opportunity that Edwards had.

someday I hope there will be an America like that

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