Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goodnight Elizabeth

Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the presidential race tomorrow, which means that Elizabeth who reminds me so much of Hubby will be dropping out as well. It's sad really

but that picture from Wonkette really makes me laugh my ass off everytime I look at it.

Good luck on your Congressional re-election bid.

And then there were four. (Mike Gravel's still "in" right?)

I was wasted in the afternoon
Waiting on a train
I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had disappeared again
I wish you were inside of me
I hope that you're ok
I hope you're resting quietly
I just wanted to say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth
We couldn't all be cowboys
So some of us are clowns
Some of us are dancers on the midway
We roam from town to town
I hope that everybody can find a little flame
Me, I say my prayers, then I just light myself on fire
And I walk out on the wire once again
And I say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth
I will wait for you in Baton Rouge
I'll miss you down in New Orleans
I'll wait for you while she slips in something comfortable
And I'll miss you when I'm slipping in between
If you wrap yourself in daffodils
I will wrap myself in pain
And if you're the queen of California
Baby I am the king of the rain
And I say
Goodnight Elisabeth
Goodnight Elisabeth

Counting Crows- Goodnight Elisabeth [download] buy it on iTunes
Counting Crows - Recovering the Satellites - Goodnight Elisabeth

Where ever you are I hope you're happy now

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