Monday, January 28, 2008

America Will Blow Up The Moon

No it’s not a new initiative to be proposed tonight. It’s a sketch from Mr.Show with Bob (Odenkirk) & David (Cross)

Ok this is only peripherally related to politics and SOTU but I figured out a way I could tie it in. Back in 2004 Bush said something about wanting to build a base on the moon (and everyone joked that we would invade there as well) and secondly because there was a chimp in that clip and it reminded me of one of my favorite websites from like 2000 or thereabouts BushorChimp, which is, as it’s name may indicate about demonstrating how much its web creator thought GweeB looked like a Chimp.
Some examples (and I hadn’t thought about that comparison in sooo long- maybe because chimps are cute and smart)

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