Sunday, January 27, 2008

Darth Redubbed

or The Vader Sessions featuring James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader from A New Hope...except his voice is from his other films including Field of Dreams and The Great White Hope (those are the only ones I could place straightaway)

Something that really amused me about this video, on its youtube page its tags include
"hillarious" "genius" "knightley" "spiderman" "nirvana": honesty and humility, much?

But speaking of genius, and because we're on the subject of redubbing, I'm reminded of these overdubbed "shred" videos created by a Finn called StSanders. From an article about it

In the clips we see axe heroes performing the fret-wanking solos that were a staple of 80s hard rock arena shows. There's Slash, of course, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana and more.

The look of supreme concentration and smug gratification on the faces of these axe-masters is unmistakable. But as their fingers flicker across the fretboards something quite wrong is happening. As they're mugging at their adoring audience it sounds like they're carelessly hitting random notes, playing through a cheap amp, in a tiled bathroom. But the look on Joe's and Stevie's and Eddie's faces is beautiful and oblivious.

The inspiration came when StSanders caught a Steve Vai clip on mute, and thought that it looked "kinda funny". He set about rerecording the guitar parts himself so that they sound perfectly inept. Honestly, it is actually hilarious.

It really is, especially if you know the song in its original version. Like here is Metallica's One "overdubbed"

or Angus Young from AC/DC doing Thunderstruck

These amuse me probably too much, I don't know why. Anyway if you want to see more here is StSanders' YouTube page

[And oh snap! StSanders did his own Star Wars Redo with James Earl Jones' voice from Coming To America


(p.s. I was originally going to title this post Dub Rebels, because it sounds sort of cool but it seems there's a band with the same name much for my creativity. Hmm; how about Redub Rebels?)

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