Friday, January 25, 2008

I wish I had realized this earlier

so I could have properly appreciated but stumbling upon this 2000 photo shoot from the filming of A Knight's Tale that Vanity Fair reposted I guess as a tribute, I understood something- Heath Ledger was gorgeous.
I guess I had never noticed because I've never seen his early "heart throb" works and all of his films that I liked he was kind of gritty and absorbed in the character, but

And looking at some of the quotes now... well it’s even more tragic and poignant
When Heath smiles, it’s Errol Flynn,” says A Knight’s Tale director Brian Helgeland. “Once every 50 years a guy like that comes along.

“Heath is much more grounded than I was at that age, when it all started happening for me,” says Mel Gibson, Ledger’s co-star in The Patriot. “I think he’ll handle it better than I did.

I’m sad now. Sorry about the downer

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