Friday, January 25, 2008

America Will Get The Idol It Deserves....(Un)fortunately It Won't Be Either of These Two

I mean we have the bitchy deluded one who when he fails because of his lack of inherent talent blame a conspiracy
And then we have the uber religious kid who’s never been kissed and is saving himself for marriage and so... has the key to his dad’s heart (creepy much?) who sets my gaydar off like whoa and is in the closet even if he doesn't know it yet

Don't those two character studies sum up too much of America?

Firstly it must be said that I am opposed to American Idol(and about what they mean and shape with so much of culture, especially regarding "norms") and I've only watched the second season, but somehow I've learned of these two contestants and they're too...unique to not share

Anyway here is performing what I thought would be, from that sustained “And” at the beginning, Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love you but then morphed into “And I Am Telling You” just liked Jennifer (Hudson or Holliday) would sing it- if they had been deaf since birth and were now being tortured in the recording booth, ladies and gentlemen this is what American Idol has wrought- Joshua Bosen from South Carolina (a southern ghetto queen if I've ever seen one)

Josh they didn't say South Carolina sucks, they said you do

And here is Bruce Dickson from Dallas, the kid who holds the key to his father's heart.Does anyone know if his mo is still around, because it would make more sense to me for her to hold the heart. Moving on notice how he says he's never kissed "a girl" leaving about half of the population to have fun with.

I really like how Seacrest reaffirms "his heterosexuality;" fathers lock your daughters up if those two hit the town. Anyway Bruce wasn't horrible and he seems like a nice enough kid, he just needs to take that heart away from his dad and give it to that one special boy who you can't live without...oh and move out of Texas.

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