Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Bridge and Me

In my research, aka trying to figure out what the Bridge actually was and if I was using it correctly, I stumbled across the wikipedia article for a film based on Scientology called, interestingly enough The Bridge. Apparently it was highly controversial and was posted as a free download but then mysteriously it was removed and the director disavowed it and removed all references to it,in what I can only think was suppression by Scientology and thus a great conspiracy and so worthy to be shared and brought into light. I'm not vouching for the quality of the film but if Scientologists hate it then it must be worth sharing.
Anyway here is the wiki article

The Bridge "was the "first feature film" about the Church Of Scientology. While it is set against the background of the Church of Scientology and the Sea Org, the characters and situations depicted are fictional.

"Diane Wheat", portrayed by Carole Smith, is a Scientologist who becomes disillusioned with Scientology over the course of the film. A parallel plot follows the father of another Scientologist who attempts to get his daughter to leave Scientology (the father is played by Tom Padgett). The story touches on such Scientology-related issues as the suppressive person doctrine, the state of Clear, security checks, disconnection, Scieno Sitter, and the Church's secret upper level teachings, including the story of Xenu, as well as including a reference to the South Park episode: Trapped in the Closet.

The film ends with a written dedication: For all who speak out - for those who have been silenced.
Former Scientologists were involved in the production of the film.The movie utilized some clips from the Scientology-produced video, How to Use Dianetics: A Visual Guidebook to the Human Mind,as well as archival footage of David Miscavige.

The film was shot over a five-day period at a hotel in Memphis, in order to avoid what the production team thought could be potential interference from Scientologists.
The film was shown on October 16, 2006 as a feature presentation.
The film was initially released as a free download over the Internet in September 2006. The film credits stated: The Bridge' is licensed as royalty-free digital media, and may be distributed online for personal viewing without permission. All offline distribution rights are reserved by Brett Hanover.

Within a few weeks of its release, Hanover removed The Bridge from its public distribution sites. He stated on his website, that "due to copyright issues, I ask that this film be withdrawn from circulation... Do not contact me concerning this film, I am no longer supporting it". The removal was reported by Jeannette Walls, in an MSNBC gossip column. (3rd item)

Hanover's web site no longer contains any reference to the film"

Well here it is, “The Bridge”

And here is Scientology and Me
"a controversial television documentary conducted by reporter John Sweeney, which aired on the BBC programme, Panorama on 14 May 2007. The programme gained particular controversy before and during filming due to unresolved differences on content and approach between Sweeney's production team and Scientology members, who did not want detractors or enemies of the church, who were included in the aired version to be interviewed in the documentary"

you may remember it from that clip where the reporter goes absolutely crazy and gets really angry but it's much more than that- watch the full Panorama episode here

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