Thursday, January 17, 2008

Forgot About JRE?

I haven't, thousands upon thousands of people in Nevada haven't and neither have millions of people across America,
but The Media certainly has

What is the difference between media perception and reality? Well, for the better part of a year the media has focused on 2 celebrity candidates.

Even after beating one of the celebrity candidates in Iowa (hint, it was Hillary Clinton), the media focused on two. Even after poll after poll show competitive races in Nevada, South Carolina, and other states, the media focuses on two.

Well, the reality is that there are 3 candidates, but only one who will fight to save the middle class and has led the field with the boldest agenda for change – John Edwards.

John Edwards' Policy Proposals Have Shaped the Debate

Have Your Say, don't let The Media speak for you
Ask "Them" Where is John?

After Saturday we'll all know...

(and of course the title was a take off on Forgot about Dre. I could've made it more obvious but I thought titling a post "Muthafuckers act like they forgot about JRE" would be a little...salty albeit true)

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