Friday, January 4, 2008

Did Someone Say Midget Rodeo?

Who knew there was a reason to visit Pico Rivera?

Wait; was that bull trying to rape that midget? (and that's another sentence I never thought I’d write)
I just wonder if the rest of it goes something like this, and in fact I can only hope this or this to be true

A friend of mine attended this weekend, a Midget Rodeo.

It was being talked about on our local radio station and Saturday afternoon after much drinking he decided to attend said event, without me. (******* )

It took place at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena which is a place where normal rodeos are held. So when I got to work on Monday he called me at work, and was laughing as he described the hilarity of Midget Cowboys and Cowgirls.

He described the many Midget fighters. Henry "Corky" Martinez, John "Tiny" Mclane and Frankie "Shortie" Martinez. They fought valiantly against BULL.....dogs. They were the highlight of the show.

He then described how if a midget fell into the stands, you got to keep it. My friend left with 6 midgets. he hopes to breed them and then have a baby midget sale.

The midget clowns were very funny, as they drove around packed into a very small car, not just a small car, a very small car. It was a "Hot Wheel" I believe. He said one of the midget clowns was visibly drunk and stumbling around mumbling about "his damn stumps" and cursing God. He was then hit by a pie, and started to cry. Hilarity.

In the finale, John "Tiny" Mclane had to ride the back of the fiercest, wildest, craziest cat this side of the Mississippi. The cats name was Mr. Jingles and he was every bit as fierce as his name describes. In the end John "Tiny" Mclane stood on his back for 9.4 seconds a new record for feline riding. He celebrated by drinking a very tiny beer.

I can only wish that the next time the Midget Rodeo is in town I don't miss it.

I hope not either
(clip from best week ever)

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1 comment:

alyssacm said...

hahaha I live in PICO RIVERA!!
I was surprised seeing that on tv. Most people here dont really know about the Midget Rodeo. Its all about the Parties... We know how to party here in P.R :D