Friday, January 4, 2008

Hot Dog! Hot Guys!

(I don’t really like that title but I couldn’t think of really anything clever-I was going to name it Gay Semi-Porn [UPDATE: or “I’ll put mustard on your hot dog”])

At times like last night when I try to fight through my sorrow and disappointment I usually try to find things that make me happy (like in 2004 after the Final Four game against UCONN-but nothing made me happy that night) and yesterday it was strategically naked men and hot dogs as I remembered this post from Queerty and more importantly this picture

I think it may be an ad but I have no idea what exactly the product is
But as I looked at the picture, I don’t if it was the composition that put him in the middle (and not the guy feeding the hot dog who reminded me a little of like Adam from the Sistine Chapel and even more of a renaissance beauty, something from Michelangelo that I really can't place with his curly hair) the cowboy at the very back and center with the impossibly red lips and blond hair who looked so gorgeous and mysterious and feminine that I did a double or triple take.

Those eyes...And that face really reminded me of some actress that I pegged to be Laura Harris (from 24, Dead Like Me and that new Women’s Murder Club)

It was just something I noticed and it may be just me (does anyone else see what I'm seeing or is my mind just so warped) but I thought it was interesting enough to share especially on a gray and dreary Friday in the winter.
(plus hot naked guys; why complain?)

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