Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ewan McGregor To "Play" Gay Again

And somehow it's newsworthy; maybe it's the fact that Jim Carrey is his love interest. meh, either way.

I Love Philip Morris (is not as I thought about a smoker and the cigarette company)

Ewan McGregor will play the romantic lead opposite Jim Carrey in "I Love You Phillip Morris," a dark comedy that marks the directing debut of "Bad Santa" scribes Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Mad Chance's Andrew Lazar will produce with Far Shariat. Luc Besson's EuropaCorp is fully financing, and Besson is exec producer.

Carrey signed earlier in the fall to star in the fact-based tale as Steven Russell, a married father whose conman ways introduced him to the Texas prison system. There, he fell in love with cellmate Phillip Morris.

His love for Morris motivated his escape from prisons four times, once by using a green pen and bucket of water to change his prison outfit into what appeared to be surgical scrubs, another time by faking his death from AIDS and signing his own death certificate. Morris eventually got out, but Russell's escapades got him a 144-year sentence.

Sounds like it could be...something
But Ewan, I mean is he really straight? Because he plays gay so well

from Velvet Goldmine (a movie that was so homoerotic and sexy and also the main reason I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a member of the Queer Kids Club*)

and from that totally homoerotic saga the Star Wars prequels- read the subtext

Ewan McGregor: Elijah Wood gay. And still really hot.

*t-shirts coming soon

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