Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who's Gay Today


Lindsay Lohan:
(from Page Six)

WE might not see Lindsay Lohan fall into anything serious with a guy anytime soon — sources say the starlet is investing most of her time in her new best friend, Courtenay Semel. Last week, Lohan attended a holiday and house-warming party at the Los Angeles home of "Power Lesbian" Jeanette Longoria with Semel, the daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, one partygoer told Page Six. The spy at the sapphic soiree also overheard the duo refer to themselves as roommates, and one Hollywood insider claimed they've been living together in a house in LA for about a month.

"Lindsay came with Courtenay to the party around midnight and they stayed for an hour," said our spywitness. "The girls held hands and were with each other the whole time." The tipster added, "Every time I see Lindsay, there's Courtenay. They are always together." Other insiders said that although the blond actress is still friends with her deejay pal Samantha Ronson — with whom Lohan has reportedly made out in the past — her friends say Lindsay has been spending most of her time recently with Semel. A rep for Lohan told Page Six, "The two are good friends, nothing more."" The close pals left together, and were spotted the next day shopping in Beverly Hills.

So in the interest of not just spreading rumours and innuendos (my god she's roommates with a girl! and they go shopping.together!) but rather to judge by purely superficial means if ,for Lindsay, Courtenay Semel is an upgrade over Samantha Ronson


I have to say that's an upgrade, an even bigger one if you remember the fact that Courtenay's dad is a billionaire and Lindsay is broke

John Travolta:
(he's been flaming in the closet longer than I've been alive)

From Queerty

One highlight was when Travolta met Max Crumm, the young actor starring in Grease in the role Travolta made famous in film.

According to a spy, Crumm “planted himself right next to Mama Turnblad and was there through the end of the night.”

Quipped another guest: “Well, guess we know what John is doing later tonight.

My god he's talking to a young actor about a role they've both played. They must be flirting-they have nothing in common.
But yeah, he's gay, but is Max Crumm an upgrade?

Random plane guy that Travolta kissed

Max Crumm

yeah that's probably an upgrade. The plane guy looks kinda caveman, at least from the sides. P.S. is it a fact that Max is gay or is he just "broadway" and thus assumed to be?

So the gay news of today is that closeted possibly queer stars have upgraded their choices of "very close friends"

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