Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Had to Happen Eventually

a headline for a story that came as absolutely no shock:
Vitale Sidelined Following Vocal Cord Surgery

I mean how perfect is that and how expected. I'm amazed he's lasted so long before he needed surgery. And even if you don't know who Dickie V is you know who he is- that crazy bald old man who's always excitedly yelling.

yeah, he's that guy
From the article:

Dick Vitale, the voice of college basketball for almost three decades, had vocal cord surgery Tuesday and is expected to be off the air until at least February.

The 68-year-old Vitale said on his Web site that he'll still give his take on college basketball through postings on ESPN.com and dickvitaleonline.com while he recuperates. He expects to return to the air in early February.

The surgery to treat ulcers on his left vocal cord was performed by Dr. Steven Zeitels at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

"College basketball fans will miss Dick's enthusiasm in the coming weeks. But we are delighted to learn his surgery was a success, and we all wish him a speedy recovery," ESPN president George Bodenheimer said.

Vitale had never missed an assignment in his 28-plus seasons at ESPN.

"The past six weeks have been very emotional (for) me and for my family as we've visited some of the most outstanding throat specialists," Vitale said in a letter posted on ESPN.com. "Visiting college campuses and interacting with the fans has kept me so young and energized. I can't wait to get back out there, having a blast with all of you, who are so vital to our game."

He is sincere you have to give him that and it's kinda shocking he's 68, he does actually seem youthful. Anyway as much as Dick Vitale can get on my nerves and though everyone seems to think he favors Duke though all of my Duke friends realize much to our chagrin he's in love with UNC just as much, he was always a really fun guy when he'd come to Cameron and would crowd surf (including one time we almost dropped him) and so I wish him well. The reports are saying he'll be out until at least February but I have no doubt he'll be in Chapel Hill February 6th for the Duke-Carolina game. I couldn't imagine him not being there.

Get Well Soon Dick! (and try to rest your voice, as impossible as that maybe for you.)

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