Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is Britney's New Guy Gay?

Probably yes and no it's not what's his name.
Anyway when I first read on Queerty that Britney (first, was getting married! where did that come from?) was rumored to be getting married to a friend, who apparently everyone believes is gay

In a tabloid report certain to need a hefty dose of salt, Star Magazine is reporting Britney Spears is planning to walk down the aisle with bad-boy pal Sam Lutfi. Some Hollywood gossip sites are slamming the report, not just for its typical lack of facts, but because rumor has it Lutfi is entirely gay and not likely to convert even for pop tart Spears and her millions.

GaySocialites.com claims “high profile gays in L.A. “confirm” Lutfi’s sexual orientation as decidedly queer and says Lutfi was so “embarrassed to be gay that he laid low for a long time until recently resurfacing as Britney Spears’ right hand man and manager.”

my first reaction was "Oh Britney! What are you doing now" but then as I thought more about it I think having a gay husband would be like the best thing for her.
First he'd always have a strong connection to Britney's main base and so would be able to steer her in the direction of what gays like to dance to.
Secondly no gay friend, or husband would let her shave her head or leave the house looking like she has been over the past year or so.
Third, Britney is obviously over her kids and so by marrying a gay man this way there will be no "accidents" and new children for Brit to neglect.
Fourth, a gay man as her husband would make sure she went to the gym before major comeback appearances performing on award shows.
And finally he has to be cleaner than K-Fed

it really seems like she's trying to put a stranglehold on Time's Trainwreck of the Year and if this happens and is true (and even better if she gets divorced a week later) she's such a lock.
I just wish he was cuter- I'm sure she could do better

[UPDATE:624 pm and apparently there's another little train wreck in the family; Jamie Lynn "I Think I Can I Think I Can get knocked up at 16!" Spears. the state just needs to take away that baby as soon as it pops out-trains don't wreck far from the tree. jesus, that family needs help.]

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