Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Moment of Truth" Has Its Own

So I watched that Moment of Truth show tonight, though perhaps watched is too strong a word, it was on in the background.
Anyway I kinda watched it after the months of hype because it had the potential to be a devastating emotional show for the contestants (even though I decided I would easily win- I have nothing to hide and I have even less shame) just to see what it was all about. And it was..nothing spectacular, it was fine for what it was.
One thing I can say regarding it, ok maybe it's not so much about the show, more about me but I knew exactly when the guy lied before it was revealed (the question was something like "as a personal trainer, have you ever touched a female client more than you've had to?) because you could see it in his eyes especially.
I wonder if that was more noble a thing to do, to lie in front of your wife rather than admit something that could hurt her, though in my mind it just seemed dumb to lie.
I probably won't watch it again (though with the strike now entering its millionth day I'll be forced to) though I'm sure I'll peek on youtube once in a while just to see if there have been any Moe vs. the Polygraph moments

Moe is strapped to a lie detector in the next scene.  Eddie and Lou
administrate the test.

Eddie: Did you hold a grudge against Montgomery Burns?
Moe: No! [buzz]
All right, maybe I did. But I didn't shoot him. [ding]
Eddie: Checks out. OK, sir, you're free to go.
Moe: Good, 'cause I got a hot date tonight. [buzz]
_A_ date. [buzz]
Dinner with friends. [buzz]
Dinner alone. [buzz]
Watching TV alone. [buzz]
All right! I'm going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in the
Victoria's Secret catalog. [buzz]
[weakly] Sears catalog. [ding]
[angry] Now would you unhook this already, please? I don't
deserve this kind of shabby treatment! [buzz]

(from the episode Who Shot Mr. Burns Part Two- that is totally one of my favorite moments from the Simpsons)

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