Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

For some reason I’ve had PJ Harvey’s Silence stuck in my head all day, I don’t know maybe I just really want some, silence that is.
Anyway it’s such a beautiful song* that when I head back to my mom’s place I ‘ll try to pick out and play on the piano to go along with my awesome singing that I’ve been doing, trying to reach those high notes (and needless to say** failing miserably)

All those places where I recall
The memories that gripped me
And pinned me down

I go to these places
Intending to think
And think of nothing but anticipate

Somehow expect you'll find me there
That by some miracle, you'd be aware

I'd risen this morning determined to break
Spare my longing, not to think
I freed myself from my family
I freed myself from work
I freed myself, I freed myself and remained alone

And in my thinking
I'd steal you away
Though you never wanted me


I so want to be her “when I grow up.”
Anyway here is Polly Jean performing it on “Later…With Jools Holland” (p.s. why isn’t there a show like this in The States?]

[download] buy it on iTunes
PJ Harvey - White Chalk - Silence

*And I use that third verse as my go to away message
**ever notice that whenever someone uses this phrase they always feel the need to say something?

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