Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Ralph We Trust

In that last post I was going to try to edit and embed the clip from The Simpson episode “E Pluribus Wiggum” where Nelson laughs at I thinkfa reporter from the Washington Post because “your medium is dying. (Nelson! But it is! There’s a difference between being right and being nice”), and I was going to use that to say something like “hopefully they’re not dead yet” but then I started watching the episode again and I had totally almost forgotten how great it is.
Well firstly it was a great episode because of the Bayeaux tapestry conceit in the coach gag
Secondly the whole episode kinda sums up what this whole election seems to be about "hey who’s the new shiny toy, I mean candidate? He must be amazing because he’s new! What are his politics? Who cares he can bring everyone together? Yay!” which was totally how I felt when this episode first aired, I think after Iowa, when I was really bitter
Thirdly Moe when being asked if he has a preference answering immediately “ I like girls”
Fourthly (is that a word?”) Homer actually knowing what a think tank is
Fifthly – Senator “Whinergirl”
Next the Michael Huffington reference
Ah it’s just an amazing amazing episode for so so many reasons that you’ll rediscover
And one you won’t: it’s great because Ralph is really my favorite Simpsons character of like forever (the only Simpsons article of clothing I’ve ever bought was a shirt of Ralph with his finger in his noise, back when I was young. And by young I mean 19)
So here it is

Ralph Wiggum: such a winner

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