Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh, Canada. Please Stop It

You've scarred me more than enough. If I promise to always pay attention and follow safety procedures that I know by heart will you start by the friendly happy Canadia that I dream about*?

The Canadian Workplace Safety Insurance Board- I'm really picturing their office as being incredibly dark, with probably a few skulls and rusty pliers and maybe a dart board that they play with to envision weird and terrifying scenarios of workplace mayhem and mutilation.
Not content with their continuing series of television ads that are maybe the most gruesome things this side of Eli Roth's mind they've begun branching out to print ads, y'know so you can be startled when you're not by a tv or computer

Pretty soon there's going to be one of these where someone is reading a magazine, with one of these ads ominously inserted in and will sever an artery in the most gruesome paper cut incident ever.


*This is the kind of happy friendly Canadian ad I like to see

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