Friday, February 22, 2008

The "Lights" Are Flickering

The Lights MAY be kept on!
From Variety

"Friday Night Lights" may shine on for another season -- and on more than one network.

NBC Universal execs have decided they want to go the extra yard to ensure the drama returns for a third season. To make sure that happens, conglom is having serious conversations with several networks about a plan to carve out multiple broadcast windows for the show, which has received critical worship and has a cult-like following.

Peacock has had talks with the CW, Comcast Entertainment Networks (E!/G4) and TNT about sharing "Friday Night Lights" with NBC. DirecTV, which last year picked up the rights to NBC sudser "Passions," has also been brought into the mix.

Just how the shared window plan would work is unclear, but one model may be the plan NBC worked out for "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

Starting this season, episodes of "CI" premiered on USA Network and aired a few months later on NBC. Skein has generated solid numbers in both windows.

Whether NBC U can work out a similar deal with a network it doesn't own remains to be seen. Already, some people familiar with the talks have complained that Peacock's asking price for "Friday Night Lights" is too high.

Still, the show's loyal core audience and attractive demos -- it's among the most popular shows on TV with upscale viewers -- could help close the sale.

Reps for the Peacock and producer Imagine Television declined comment.

Please Please Please! I’d even watch the CW for it (p.s. what does CW stand for anyway?)
But any celebration may be premature

Variety reports that Taylor Kitsch, who plays hard-boozing, lady-killing fullback Riggins, has signed on to star in the next installment of the X-Men franchise—and that he did so with with blessing of NBC brass. Great news for Kitsch, of course, except that the movie's May 1 release date means his 2008 schedule is kind of booked. Which means NBC knows FNL isn't coming back this year, or else they'd never have given Kitsch permission to go play Gambit in the first place.

I mean he could still do both, now that writers are back they can write in a reason for him to be gone half the season so I’m not totally defeated yet. But in another way Taylor Kitsch as Gambit? That’s hot! And by that I mean Taylor- Riggins is a sex god
(unfortunately would be in the movie too which dooms it to being unwatchable or enjoyable)
But screw will

Save Friday Night Lights! Don't let it become one of these TV tragedies.

Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose

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