Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ralph Nader is Good For Something After All

With the news that Ralphie is throwing his hat back into the ring (how many hats does this guy have and seriously how is he still alive- in Colombia they kill you for scoring an own goal) there is some good that came out of it at least.
It allows me to repeat a joke that I thought was hilarious from an old episode of NPR's This American Life.

Here's the set up: this female comic is, I think the only woman in this really tough and funny room of other comics just kinda shooting the shit and like the highest honor is to make the oher comics laugh, but she hasn't been able to get a word in edgewise.
One day while walking her dog she thinks of this perfect joke concerning Ralph Nader but it's like after 9/11 and so he's out of the news. A few years pass and she's still hanging and holding onto this perfect joke but there's not an appropriate or organic place to insert it, because y'know it will be funnier if it seems off the top of their head and done with perfect timing but finally Ralph Nader is brought up again in this comedic cipher and she sees her chance. The topic is Ralph Nader and his support for reinforced cockpit doors from long before 9/11

"You know, years before 9/11 Nader had been advocating for reinforced
cockpit doors. If he'd been elected the attack might not have
she steps in, finally
"Of course everyone probably would have been distracted by all
the flying pigs

You can listen to the episode "It's Never Over" here- it's the last act and the comic is Tami Sagher- she tells it better than I.

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