Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who's Gay Today?

Apparently Ellen Page

I mean, come on already, is she??? You know, Lebanese! She certainly dresses like a, you know, tomboy. And if you google "Ellen Page boyfriend," not a whole lot comes up, except for a link to some interview where she refers to an old beau. And if you google "Ellen Page dating," you get the news that she dated Ben Foster, but then you get a followup saying she denies that ever happened. Who did she go to the Oscars with? I couldn't tell from the cropped shots of her, but it looked like she was maybe with her mother? For guys, that used to signify 100% gay, but for girls, it might just mean young and/or Canadian--or, um, gay. And then there was the web item saying "Ellen Page is an out lesbian," but for all I know the guy who ran that is the same douche who started the whole "Marcia Cross is coming out" campaign.

I personally don't buy Musto's Oscar Date argument- I mean how old is she like 18? If i was that young and going to the Oscars I wouldn't take some guy I'd been going out with like for a month, chances are we wouldn't (and we didn't) stay together forever and that would just be embarrassing.
And here are some comments from that "Is Ellen Page an Out Lesbian" thread he references

  • She was a guest on a local radio morning show in SF a few weeks ago. A caller called in and asked her if she was a lesbian. She was dead silent, then said she didn't want to respond. It was pretty clear by her response that it was true.
  • The Curve magazine interview does contain something interesting: Curve: Do you have any ideas about why the X-men series is so wildly popular among gay and lesbian audiences? Ellen Page: Of course. There’s a whole school of thought that the X-men is basically a metaphor for homosexuality. The whole mutant gene thing, and this group who possesses that gene being ostracized from society. I think it’s public by now that in this film they find a cure for the mutation, right? Curve: Yup. Ellen Page: So, yeah. I was having a conversation about that just the other day. What would we do if they came up for a cure for homosexuality. Which I think is just totally bogus... Plus, Kitty Pryde! I mean, there’s a loaded name. There’s something there, right? "What would we do if they come up with a cure for homosexuality" suggests that Page and her friend be affected by the introduction of such a pill. The lack of an follow up suggests the interviewer is either an idiot or was told to avoid personal questions.
  • Did you see her trying to walk in heels on Letterman last night? That was the giveaway.
  • Ellen Page is from Nova Scotia so it's easy to confuse her with being a lesbian. Have you SEEN Nova Scotian women?!?! Flannel everything!
  • She's deadpan, intelligent and cute. How could she be straight?

and from OurChart
  • Well it appears yes she is. On the Oscars, she had the same blonde woman sitting by her that sat by her at the Independent Spirit awards. Could be some elaborate coincidence but more likely that's Ellen's girl.
  • I have heard many rumors that she is gay or at least interested in girls. I have also heard that her "romantically" being linked to Ben Foster was just a ploy by both of their management to quieten rumors on both of their sexualities. Personally I think shes adorable and an amazing actress. She's just so funny yet intellectual in most of her interviews. She makes a Canadian proud, thats for sure.
    I'm sure that this question will come up quite often if her rumored lesbian werewolf movie comes out with her Juno costar Elizabeth Thirley currently titled Jack and Diane.
  • Maybe she is, and she just doesn't know yet...She would make a good lesbian...

THOUGH if you've seen Hard Candy, a really disturbing movie, you can see why she might hate guys

P.s. you know the whole "gay or european" joke? there really should be a "lesbian or Canadian" correlate.

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