Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Wikipedia Knowledge Break

Sonny Banks (June 29, 1940 - May 13, 1965) was an American boxer best known for being the first fighter to drop Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay).

Banks fought Cassius Clay in 1962 and knocked him down for a count, although he lost the match. Banks died in 1965 from injuries sustained in a 9 round bout against Leotis Martin.

Here is his greatest moment knocking down Cassius Clay

and here's some more info about Sonny
Here’s video of the fight (and from the page description
Muhammad Ali (then still Cassus Clay) took his first trip to the canvas as a pro in this 1962 bout with fellow heavyweight Sonny Banks. A countering left hook that remained an Achilles heel for Ali throughout his career and nearly stopping him is future bouts with Joe Frazier and Henry Cooper. Though the punch from Banks does not appear like much on replay, you can see that Ali was stunned as he fell. Aside from the knockdown, Banks had started very strong, but the fight changed course in the second round.

and an EBay listing of a poster for the fight

the more you know

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