Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paris can take a joke

Alternately titled Paris Hilton is the new Mona Lisa; I can’t grasp completely what’s behind her smile- she’s like a sphinx!

Irony may not be dead but some people just don’t get it
A lot of people read this picture with the caption (from Faded Youth)
"actress Paris Hilton attends a screening of The Hottie & The Nottie at The Brenden Theatres in The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Sunday" as being a sign of her obliviousness and also her abject failure

but to me that smirk on her face, as enigmatic as it is, makes it seem like she knows what you’re thinking, that your looking at this as her at an empty screening that she gets that no one saw her film and has staged this photo in this setting as a sign of total awareness. I mean the concession stand cups in the row behind her and her position in the image makes it seem like it’s totally be set exactly like a director or artist would want it to be.

Or maybe I just don’t get it and she’s that clueless

(p.s. yeah this photo was taken after the screening,says this guy who was there in case you were wondering)

And just a quick question kinda sorta related:
Is every female celebrity in Hollywood either pregnant, in rehab or Britney right now?
Because it sure seems that way

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