Friday, February 22, 2008

Emily Answered My Question

You remember the Slate article by Emily Yoffe about what the psychological personalities of the candidates say about them? Well I guess I was either bored or intrigued enough to find out she was having a discussion about the article. Since I really don't care about any of the current candidates I sent in a question about my one obsession, John Edwards. and I don't know if every question that was submitted was answered or what but I got really excited to see her response

I'm not sure you bothered to go into this during your original research, but as a diehard and disappointed John Edwards supporter I just kind of wonder what his personality type was, and what that indicated for his leadership style?

Emily Yoffe: I didn't do Edwards, but let's see. He's an E -- an introvert. I think he's an S -- a concrete as opposed to an abstract (N) thinker. Although he comes off as being motivated by his feelings, I actually think he's more tough-minded, so T, not F. And I read that he was chronically late on the campaign trail, by a lot, so an P, not a J. So he's an ESTP -- same as McCain. Yes, I know that doesn't initially make sense. But I think Edwards is driven by a desire to DO, to be in the arena, make an impact. His desire to help is not driven by Idealism, like Obama, but by a desire for action.

So i think that means I should vote for McCain

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