Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Baseball Boogie

in honor of it almost being baseball season here is this absolute gem from The Big Lead
Put on your dancing shoes and your boogieing clothes- it’s the 1986 LA Dodgers as the Baseball Boogie Bunch doing “The Baseball Boogie”
You have to see it here (oh why oh why is embedding disabled?)

Wow that is really elaborate it even had Mayor Tom Bradley- how bizarre. How long did that take to make? And do you think any of the people in it remembered it existed or thought it would ever be seen? More importantly where was Tommy? He must’ve loved this (and it even had Mayor Tom Bradley- how bizarre
Anyway instead of doing this song and dance number they probably should have been practicing.
Perhaps not surprisingly that season the Dodgers finished 5th out of 6 teams in the NL West with a 73 and 89 record.
I really feel if Kirk Gibson were on the team he would not have allowed any of that

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