Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Archuleta's The Idol

once again I don't watch American Idol but I've heard so much good stuff about this kid David Archuleta that I had to check him out

wow. wow. first that boy does not sing like a 17 year old at all, Randy was right. secondly him meeting the season 1 finalists when he was 11 makes me feel really old. thirdly singing Dreamgirls at 11- he's gayer than a goldfish (even if he doesn't know it yet) but damn can he sing. hopefully they don't try to "straighten" him out. Paula is terrifying, btw
and yes i am prone to making outlandish statements like the title above based on 2 minutes of singing, I've done it before...
p.s. he kind of looks like Marco from Degrassi

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