Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Think of The Children!

Where would underage American kids go abroad to drink and not have to worry about knowing another language if England considers a misguided question over whether to raise the drinking age to 21 in response to issues posed by articles like this (from The Mail)

Hundreds of thousands of underage drinkers are escaping punishment when they are caught trying to buy alcohol in pubs and off-licences.

More than a million young people are refused alcohol in pubs and bars every month, surveys show, and it is thought at least as many again are turned away by supermarkets and offlicences.

But only a handful of under-18s face prosecution.

In 2006 just 10 youngsters were taken to court for trying to buy alcohol, while 13 received a police caution. A further 62 youths aged 16 or 17 were punished with fixed penalty fines of £80.

According to a British Beer and Pub Association survey of members, there are 12million cases a year where bar staff refuse to serve youngsters.

No equivalent figures have been gathered for shops and off-licences, although one national off-licence chain alone refused sales more than 300,000 times last year.

Just enforce the law as it is- don’t punish those rightful 19 year olds who would be out in the cold with an alcohol sweater because of a few rotten pickled apples

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