Friday, February 22, 2008

Things I Learned about the "Sex and the City" Movie From Its Full Trailer's Release

[and it’s been taken down off Youtube but you can still see it at Jezebel]

[UPDATE- here it is

  • Carrie and Big are getting married but Carrie invites too many people and the ceremony gets out of control and Big leaves her at the altar.
  • Carrie dyes her hair.
  • Charlotte gets pregnant
  • Steve cheats on Miranda and she kicks him out. But they reconcile
  • Jennifer Hudson came to New York to fall in love and by her earnestness Carrie will learn that love is the only thing that is important
  • The girls go on vacation someplace sunny and warm probably to get Carrie’s mind off Big
  • Samantha is still a slut
  • I’m still not excited about or inclined to see it

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