Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I guess they couldn’t dress him up as God

But let’s be honest we all know that’s what Kobe is.
Anyway as part of I guess a new sneaker campaign Nike has Kobe in costume as great geniuses of history

As Da Vinci (Kobe’s more talented all around)

Kobe as Mozart (Kobe’s more musical)

Kobe as Einstein (Kobe didn’t even need to go to college)

Kobe as George Washington Carver (people aren’t allergic to Kobe unlike peanuts. Oh and Kobe can dunk)

there’s one other Genius ad coming out to complete the series, though I’m not sure when it will be released or who Kobe will be. I kinda feel that for that one it’ll be cheesy and predictable and Kobe will play himself as like a genuis of the court, but I hope to be surprised

Nike Zoom Kobe III- Genius

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