Wednesday, February 20, 2008

America Needs Paxman

Not only does Jeremy Paxman have a really snazzy name but he actually seems to be a hard hitting interviewer which is something this country of Larry King’s and Diane Sawyers needs to restore some integrity,
Welcome to a true no spin zone- he's totally my new favorite thing

Jeremy Paxman and his interview with George Galloway (silly Brits- elections are held in even numbered years)

Absolutely brilliant!
I think the Brits call him Paxo- he’s like a superhero.

Paxman makes Tony Blair cringe by asking if Blair and Bush pray together

Paxman vs. John Bolton. Bolton ends up even redder ( it starts getting good at about 4:15 and only gets better)

"Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard, refusing to give a simple answer to Jeremy Paxman's question"


apparently “Paxoed” is a thing
"Bob Ainsworth, the British Armed Forces Minister, grilled on Newsnight by Jeremy Paxman on UK troop withdrawals"

and that guy totally just got Paxoed

The world needs more Paxo.

Just goes to show that journalism isn’t dead everywhere…

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