Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thata Boy Johnny

(and yes I know John didn’t actually say it but he’s thinking it)
From Radar comes news that a Times reporter thinks what all (or a lot) of JRE supporters believe

Asked by The View executive producer and Walters business partner Bill Geddie whether it's true that coveted endorser John Edwards doesn't like Hillary Clinton, Time magazine's senior political analyst and editor at large Mark Halperin responded ...

"Yes, that's right. And I can tell you, he's really skeptical of her ability to be the kind of president he wants. But, he kinda thinks Obama is....he thinks Obama is kind of a pussy ... He has real questions about Obama's toughness, his readiness for the office ... he has real doubts about Obama, not just as a president, but as a general election candidate...."

Don’t act so shocked- you know it’s true, even if you don't want to believe it

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