Thursday, February 7, 2008

That Was Probably Awkward

In a story about Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann totally in passing mentioned that Mike Huckabee was taping a guest appearance on The Tyra Banks Show and my jaw just dropped.
No way- that didn't make any sense to me; it seemed like Huck would be the last candidate Tyra would have on her show but apparently it is so (and part of a mini media blitz followed by a taping of The Colbert Report.)

Really what could they have talked about? I'm sure Tyra will talk about his weight loss and like crusade for better diets or whatever and all the feel good Huckabee stuff but there would totally be a giant pink elephant in the room (that if Huck had his way would be quarantined) and that would be the Scary ultra Christian Huck.

For a women whose career is based in a very large part by the gay community, who probably has a tonne of gay friends and who has a very large and loyal gay audience and following is she just going to skirt over all those issues? I know it's not going to be a hard hitting journalistic interrogation, I don't expect that from Tyra but still how could that not be brought up?

I really hope Tyra takes a stand- that truly would be fierce.
And speaking of awkward television moments here is a case of TMI on your local news

once again, pick your perversions. I've never tried it so I won't judge
(and yes I may have just used this post as an opportunity to share the anchorwoman spanking clip)

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