Friday, February 1, 2008

People Going To Hell

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News for everything they’ve ever done really but specificially in this instance for his continued lies and hostile reception to the homeless vets that he said didn’t exist and whose plight john Edwards was mocked for bringing into the national consciousness

An impromptu news conference was held in front of the FOX News Channel Studios today because veterans were denied entrance as they attempted to deliver a petition to Bill O'Reilly asking him to apologize for his comments denying the existence and importance of homeless veterans. The ensuing drama resulted in FOX News executives, flanked by security and police officials, attempting to mollify the group of veterans and Executive Director Carol Gardener of Fitzgerald House - a group that assists veterans in need - by speaking briefly to the group. In addition, one of the producers of the O'Reilly Factor, Jesse Watters, challenged the vets by deflecting the comments away from O'Reilly's statements

Here’s Keith’s coverage of the shame

This isn’t really newsworthy, except that it’s existence and threatened showing has made a lot of news, it’s more exploitative but if you’re interested about all the fuss or morbidly curious and so I’m going to hell for sharing it

Funny, He didn’t sound Australian in that video

And whoever strapped bombs to women with down syndrome sent them into a crowd and detonated the bomb, and the women by remote control.

There is a place reserved in hell indeed.

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