Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh Basketball; I'm a Big Fan Right Now

I’m ecstatic that football is thisclose to being done

Duke: we’re 20-1 and playing really really well (note to line monitors- never allow green into Cameron again. Ever. The environment should never be put ahead of winning)
The local WRAL guys talking about the State game

The only thing I wish Duke had right now is if Patrick Patterson would’ve signed. We could have used him as a banger down low and really this year you can’t spell suck with UK-it would have been a mutually beneficial arrangement

Post Game Interviews with K , Gerald "G Love, Black Jesus, Basketball Messiah,God" Henderson and Lance

And the Lakers just got Pau Gasol, who averages 19 points and like 9 rebounds over his career, which could make our line up, in the playoffs
Derek Fisher at point
Kobe Almighty at shooting guard
Lamar Odom as small forward
Pau Gasol at the power forward
And AB, Andrew Bynum at the 5

Not to mention Luke Walton, Jordan Farmer, Trevor Ariza and Ronny off the bench.


I hate to have expectations (because they’re inevitably let down) but we’re really really good, I was not expecting this, honestly.

What’s that quote (presumably from Scarface?) “okay, I’m reloaded!"
Who needs football?
[UPDATE: I found this video of highlights from the games this season since Pitt- I enjoyed it

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