Friday, February 1, 2008

Yet another reason why I won’t be rooting for the Pats

from the Washington Post's Sleuth Blog

Obama will be rooting for the New England Patriots. Maybe Obama just couldn't bring himself to cheer for Clinton's team, even though he surely has a soft spot for the Giants since he lived in New York in his years before, during and after law school. Or maybe a string-attaching Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) said, "If I endorse you, you have to root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl."

In addition to buying air time in the Boston market during the Super Bowl, Obama has decided to join Beantown all the way in its big championship game against the Big Apple.

"Despite his affinity for underdogs and though above all he is a Bears fan, Senator Obama is hoping to see a perfect season by the Patriots," Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt tells us. "He remembers the Dolphins going undefeated."

So he’s supporting a team, that’s been proven to have compromised the integrity of the game by illegal videotaping, a team with an admitted user of performance enhancing drugs, and also a player who stomped on another player’s head in a brawl during a game. Obviously a team full of role models (think of the children!)
Plus if Barack were a true Bears fan he could never root for the Patriots. Not only should he want a team that had a crushing comeback win against the Bears, the Giants to win it all (so he can say we'll we lost to the champs)
The Pats did put up 10 points on the Bears in Super Bowl XX thus depriving what many consider the best defense ever of a shut out in the biggest game of the year. Also the Pats kept Walter Payton from scoring a touchdown and he’s an American icon. Therefore by some transitive property Barack is rooting against America.

I’m not surprised.

Thus concludes another leap and ludicrous claim
(another reason; if the Pats lose they'll only have gone 18-1 but lost the 1 that counted where as the Bears went 18-1 and won the Super Bowl which would give them a more legitimate claim to best team ever.)

Plus I can't root for them because I want to try my schadenfreude pie

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