Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love This Dog

Uno! The Best Dog in the World! here he is on the Early Show

OMG it is the most perfect dog I've ever seen too. He's sooo cute I can barely stand it

Some other thoughts on last night at Westminster:

  • I've decided I really want a long haired chihuaha- Paloma was so pretty last night
  • The Pekingese may be the ugliest dog ever
  • I didn't realize Great Danes are that chill that they could live in an apartment- that was surprising. Eva from last night was gorgeous.
  • The Samoyed was just stunning and so pure and white
  • The Tibetan mastiff from the working group had the most heart string adorable face ever
  • The Neapolitian Mastiff, which apparently was the same breed as Fang from Harry Potter, was the scariest dog ever but I liked its gait
  • The woman who judged the working dogs was so old as she went around calling them out and picking their order it was so slow but added so much drama
  • My dog could never do any of the dog show stuff- he'd go around peeing on everything and barking. He does both a lot

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