Thursday, February 7, 2008

"That Guy"

You know the guy, the one who sees a camera rolling and tries to position himself in the background for his 3 seconds of fame? Well that Chris Mottram brilliance reminded me and sparked my interest and sent me to the youtubes in order provide some examples and warnings to not be “that guy”

Here is Jim Carrey back in his "In Living Color" days

Two friends who staged a fake fight in the background of a British news broadcast in Norfolk

a college kid at Case Western found his moment in a live report I guess about the Va Tech massacree and it’s affect there

That guy may be drunk and he may be an oil worker, unless he’s just a lot drunker than I thought

Sioux vs Gophers post hockey match. “That Guy” is a Holy Cross fan

here’s a pretty big dick in the background

If you have to be That Guy just know that reporters can get angry

know when enough is enough though; this guy’s just an ass

BUT if you really have to do it, if you have to be "That Guy" do it in style

Was that a stroke of luck or a did he see an opportunity and make a spontaneous decision? Because that was amazing. Well done sir, well done

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