Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet Jane

In 83 days she will kill herself. Or so she claims on her maddeningly fascinating blog 90 Day Jane
Here’s her first post from February 5th

Today is day 90. How did it become day # 90? Well, I'm not really sure except that it's better than day 91.
With roughly 3 months to look at my life from a truly temporary perspective, I wonder what realizations i'll have. Will I suddenly become a sentimental person? Will I tie up loose ends? Will I rekindle relationships long forgotten? I doubt it, to be honest. It's not like I have terminal cancer or something. It's a truly selfish thing I do now (was that Dickens? ha ha) and I plan to live my life as I always had, but with this new perspective. I'll go to work, I'll have a social life, I'll date, I'll celebrate and then I'll check out.
I guess, though, on the day I decide this I should probably say why. Though, I simply can't define it. That's what this blog is for; to define through public record "why"?

This could be scary intense as we reach the end of April or start of May but it is a sign of our age, of the rampant cynicism deisbleif but also thirsst for fame that no one knows if this is a document of a young woman’s last days or merely an art piece.
Radar thinks it is the latter
Allow us to be early in suggesting that 90 Day Jane may be a viral marketing scheme for some amateur auteur's inspiration, that there may be a little evidence to indicate that she's simply a depressed and lonely twenty-something wage slave who finally figured out a way to really get someone to hear her. It's probably secretly sponsored by Zoloft.

On Jane's first blog post, the ubiquitous anonymous commenter left a short note stating that Jane wasn't from Hollywood, she was from Louisiana.

The comment pointed anyone who cared to Void, a weblog kept since 2004 by someone calling herself "Jane Q. Doe."

Like 90 Day Jane, Ms. "Doe" is 24. Just like 90 Day Jane, she says her occupation is "drone." Both Janes are dark-haired and well-built. Both Janes seem to have a thing for Fight Club. In her "About Me," 90 Day Jane references the movie in order to explain some of her motivations for suicide: "I mean, as an atheist I feel life has no greater purpose. My generation has had no great depression, no great war ..." Just a few days earlier, Jane Q. Doe wrote about seeing the movie for the first time, saying, "I saw fight club night before last. I was thoroughly amazed. I've avoided that movie since it came out as a 'guy movie' riddled with action, boobies, and guys beating the shit out of other people. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by intellect, insanity, and a HUGE THROBBING COCK."

A trip through Louisiana Jane's Void reveals a young woman who often sounds a great deal like 90 Day Jane, in general. It's easy to believe they are one and the same, but there's no concrete proof. Whether Jane meant for her countdown to suicide to be a really big show or not is moot. People are reading and watching.

Though this could be really fascinating (if I remember to check in, as I probably won’t) but I hope in 84 days she reveals that it was all just an exploration and meditation on life and death and what it all means and that she hasn’t actually taken the next step and figured it all out.

[UPDATE: Well I'm glad this has all been resolved and it was a hoax. Score one for cynics]

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