Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jason Rae is more powerful than god

Not really (though if God is the Authority we are all more powerful) but very close, especially now. You see he’s a superdelegate, which means he may be one of the few who decide who will be the Democratic Nominee and more than likely the next president. Oh and he’s 21.
How did he get that gig?
From GayPolitics.com

Jason Rae. In his time at the Victory Fund in the summer of 2006, he helped out in a variety of projects including conducting research on the history of groundbreaking openly LGBT officials as well as the percentage of Americans who are, in one form or another, represented by an openly gay elected official (for the record, it’s 22 percent
Now, at 21, Rae is the nation’s youngest superdelegate. A junior at Marquette University, he has been courted by both Democratic candidates, including a breakfast with Chelsea Clinton and phone calls from both her parents. Obama’s camp has also been calling.
“They haven’t been pressing me in any sense,” he told CBS News. “They’ve just been talking to me like an average voter. The same thing that happens when candidates go to Iowa and New Hampshire and court votes there. It’s the same thing with superdelegates.”

I’m kind of a fan of the superdelegates- the back room dealmaking and personal politicking is really what I love about politics (I feel I would have thrived in the smoky back room convention days) but a 21 year old? That just seems soo young (and oh god I feel old) And Marquetter (sorry whenever I hear Marquette I think Tommy Boy) but I’m all about it and great work by the kid.
(I just hope he knows who to vote for and who Donnie Mclurkin supports)

I kinda want to friend him but…I think that would be weird

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