Thursday, February 14, 2008

London is a Rock Star

London’s calling and he wants to know what you’re wearing
From popbitch’s weekly e-mail

Slash from Guns n' Roses has retired from the
hard drinking, smacked out, groupie-fuelled
rock scene to a world of suburban family bliss.
Almost. Mr and Mrs Slash have two cute little
boys Cash, age three, and London, who is six.
London may be a chip off the old block.

A babysitter got the full force of Slash Jnr's
charm. She was accosted by London with the words
“You can't get past me unless you take off your
clothes - you're hot!” And when she went to
kiss the boys goodnight he told her he wanted
to stick his tongue down her throat. Alas sleep
didn't come and the boys began to figh. When
Cash started crying to London “You've hurt my
balls again”, the babysitter decided that
night would be her last.

Wow, kids grow up so fast nowadays. Good thing his dad is sober or I’d worry about London finding his way into his dad’s liquor cabinet yet

p.s. is his name London Hudson? I'd never cared about Slash's real name before this moment...

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