Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Point of Valentines Day For A Lot of Guys

after all the chocolate, flowers dinners and other Valentines Day cliches
I’m not even sure how I came upon this video but two young men seek to answer a question of utmost importance regarding oral sex or intercourse
From the youtube description
Me and Mike ask Katie why do some females treat oral sex more special than intercourse

(the relevant part of this video is within the first 5 minutes- the rest is even more boring, and that insult to Kurt Cobain was uncalled for)
I guess it’s different for everyone but I really don’t get where girls who view intercourse as less “special” than oral, coming from- for me and (a few of) my friends it’s the complete opposite. Especially when you’re not with a boyfriend. Don’t mean to be so whorish but I’d much quicker go down on a guy then go to bed with him, I don’t know maybe its because I’m lazy, it seems safer and far less intimate/non committal or I just have an oral fetish. Sometimes when I’m out and drunk it’s so much simpler and I don’t mind it. Sometimes I think of it as a challenge… but I’d think my ratio is at like 4 to 1. Though I totally get that it can be thought of as demeaning or degrading and I’ve felt that way too, that it’s like a chore
But I am certain that I haven’t reached 37 yet

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