Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Westminster Dog Show- The Hounds Released

The dogs I loved in the hound competition last night

I really really like the Harrier breed

..and the 13inch beagle

…and the American FoxHound (which is maybe too big for me ) or any of those – they had like the same patterning and tri-coloring and were all so adorable but of course the best was Uno (Uno es Numero Uno) who I just wanted to dog nap but they’re all so adorable htt
I also thought the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
was so adorable and cute and had the best name ever, though I don’t think I’d find one at the local shelter

  • Other thoughts- the wirehaired dachshund looked like it had a beard which freaked me out when I found out it was a girl dog- I don’t know why
  • The saluki is such an elegant beautiful dog- I feel like I’d have to be a Lady with a country estate and servants before I could even think about having a place worthy of it
You can see the videos of them all here

Here’s old school Conan with Trumph at the Westminster

the second installment

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